The "AGMEMOD technical documentation" provides the first stage of updating the technical re-porting on the AGMEMOD modelling system. The report is a guide for current and new mem-bers of the AGMEMOD modelling team and contains consolidated information about the model.

With help of the guide, they should be able to understand the AGMEMOD structure and its modelling approach, and be able to create and run scenarios by using the AGMEMOD software.

More details can be found in the GUI of the AGMEMOD system itself in the folder "Documents".

AGMEMOD Technical Documentation (pdf, 7.7 MB)

AGMEMOD Training Material provides an Hands-on Training with AGMEMOD. It is based on an AGMEMOD Training Workshop in 2019, Den Haag. It explains the structure of the model, the different model parts and provides some first steps to apply and use the model.

Training-Materials-2019 (pdf, 8.1 MB)