AGMEMOD is a system of partial equilibrium models for the agricultural, fisheries and food sectors. The regional focus of the AGMEMOD model is built on it representation of the agricultural commodity in each individual EU member states and neighbouring candidate and other countries. AGMEMOD covers the most important agricultural activities of each countries in detail. The scope of the commodity coverage varies between countries reflecting the different composition of the agricultural economies of different EU member states and countries. The model captures the interactions between sectors, and countries. AGMEMOD is mainly used to generate ”Baseline” – business as usual no policy change projections and also in the analysis of the impact of changes in agricultural market policies.

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icon kleinTypical applications

  • Medium term market projections
  • Analysis of policy changes
    • EU common agricultural policy (CAP)
    • EU fisheries policy (CFP)
    • Biofuel policy
    • Effect of specific national agricultural policies for African models
  • Simulation of Candidate Countries’ accession to the EU and analysis of th impact of the exit from the EU of the United Kingdom of Britain and Northern Ireland.

icon kleinMain features

  • Modelling of EU member states, possible accession countries, EU neighbour countries as well as some other countries outside Europe.
  • Based on a harmonised model structure template, country models are adapted to national characteristics by the responsible partners.
  • Updated database with a long time series based on, where possible, harmonised data definitions.

icon kleinSpecial policy features

  • Modelling of intervention prices
  • Coupled and decoupled direct income support payments
  • Set-aside/ ecological focus areas and payments
  • Modelling of Production quotas whenever applied for the countries
  • Fishing quotas
  • Modelling of Fisheries Support Estimate (FSE)
  • Resource demand for biofuels
  • Tariff rate quotas and tariffs
  • Fertilizer policies for some African countries
  • Rain fall data for some African countries
  • Landing Obligation

icon kleinSoftware

GAMS (Simulation), MS Excel (Database), R (Estimation of equations), GTREE (Model code), GsePro (Graphical User Interface)