Welcome to the AGMEMOD Project

The AGMEMOD Partnership model is an econometric, dynamic, multi-product partial equilibrium model that allows us to make projections and simulations in order to evaluate measures, programmes and policies in agriculture at the European Union (EU) level as well as at the Member States level.

The original AGMEMOD Project (Project No. QLRT-2001-02853) involved institutes in the EU15 group of Member States. In advance of the accession of the so-called “new” Member States in May 2004 the AG-MEMOD partnership was expanded in 2002 to include research institutes from 8 of the 10 new EU Member States and institutes from 2 of the current Accession States.

The diverse nature of agricultural production systems and agri-food markets across the EU poses a challenge to economists seeking to develop a model that can be used to analyse policy at an EU and Member State level. The AG-MEMOD Partnership model maintains the analytical consistency of the composite model across national sub-models, while still allowing the national sub-models to reflect the intrinsic diversity of the agri-food sectors in different EU member states.

AGMEMOD is funded under the European Commission 6th Framework and by contributions from the partners institutes throughout the EU. The current work programme of the Partnership focuses on the EU 6th Framework and an associated project for the Institute for Prospective and Technological Studies (IPTS), part of the European Commission's Joint Research Centre. The 6th Framework project is set to run until 2008 and the IPTS project will be completed by 2007.

AGMEMOD clients include the European Commission as well as national governments and farmer representative organisations and other interested parties. AGMEMOD partners are committed to the development of innovative academic modelling work as well as the provision of foresight and scenario analysis to decision makers. The AGMEMOD Partnership recognises the importance of contributions from outside experts with modelling, commodity/input market and policy insights. Consequently it has assembled an Advisory Group which meets on a periodic basis to provide suggestions on the scope and direction of the Partnership's activities.