Workshop on ‘Medium-term development of agri-food markets in selected EU Member States and Western Balkan countries’

Date:  25-26 February 2015
Venue: Zagreb, Croatia
Organizers: AGMEMOD Consortium together with JRC IPTS, Seville and DG Agri (Brussels) in cooperation with Croatian society of agricultural economists (HAED), Svetošimunska 25, HR-10000 Zagreb

Download:  Agenda Workshop - Zagreb

The AGMEMOD (AGriculture MEmber states MODelling) model is one of the models applied in this context of policy impact assessments. AGMEMOD is a partial equilibrium model for the agricultural sector developed for policy impact assessment of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) at Member State level as well as for EU common market. Integrated in the EU context, baseline projections based on AGMEMOD are currently provided on a national level of EU Member States, e.g. for Germany but also for other Member States like the Netherlands.

Since 2009, the JRC/IPTS annually organised Enlargement and Integration Action workshops and training seminars, which were closely related to the application of the AGMEMOD model. These workshops have been oriented to bring together active AGMEMOD partnership members, to disseminate recent developments of the model, to present latest modelling outcomes including baseline projections and if necessary to provide training for newcomers of the partnership or potential users of the AGMEMOD model. The latest EU enlargement in 2013 resulted with Croatia as the 28th Member State of the EU. Therefore, this workshop will take place in Zagreb, Croatia to enable academics and policy makers from all candidate and potential candidate countries in Western Balkan to discuss the current situation and developments on agri-food markets in these countries. A second important aspect is to discuss the work on updating the AGMEMOD model with a recent data base. Here, we invited markets experts from EU Member Countries to discuss short and medium term perspectives and on selected country baselines and overall market trends on EU agri-food markets.

For further information please contact Martin Banse (Thünen-Institute, Braunschweig, Germany)